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Youth Group

Our Goochland Christian Fellowship youth group exists to teach our local youth community about God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are constantly looking to push our students to grow in their faith, step out of their comfort zone, and study the Word of God for themselves. 


Our normal meeting times are on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15, but we will sometimes deviate from these times for group events such as Kings Dominion, Scaremare, scavenger hunts, movie nights, and camping trips. 


When we aren’t serving locally, we also have an annual mission trip (among other things). In the past few years, we have gone to places such as New Jersey, Kentucky, Tennessee, and even as far as Mexico. Our goal on these trips is to serve the local communities through service projects or a VBS and ultimately spread the love of Jesus Christ in all of our encounters. We love growing closer to those in our Church body while also serving and ministering to anyone we come across. 


If you have any other questions about our awesome youth group or would like to learn more, just call or text me (Nic) at (804) 397-6195.


Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to meeting you! God bless!

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