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Biblically Focused

          It is the Desire of GCF to accurately proclaim the truth of God's word in order to transform lives. It is God's word that has the power to transform lives God's way. (2 Tim 3:10 & 16&17, Titus 2:1). Acts 17 speaks of the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily to see if the things being taught lined up with God's Word. At GCF, we love the Bible and want to preach from the Scripture so we can hear from the Lord. It is His Word that guides us as we grow in our relationship with Christ. We believe that everything should be compared to what the Word says and that it is the key to Growing in our depth of love for God and our love for one another. It is through being "doers of the Word" (James 1:22) that we are able to make disciples among all nations.

Kingdom Minded

          GCF believes that working together is the only way that we are able to take the gospel into our communities and into all the world. The Great Commission will be fulfilled only when we unite to see Christ glorified throughout the whole earth. Our focus is HIS GLORY! Therefore, we work in conjunction with different Christ-centered fellowships, organizations, and individuals to focus on building Jesus' Kingdom and making a name for Him rather than for ourselves.

Spirit Led

          Apart from the vine, we can do nothing. Absolute dependence upon the Lord is essential, in order to produce lasting fruit. We believe that as individuals and as a corporate body that only as we listen to God in prayer and are led by His Spirit that we will see Him glorified through our lives. Jesus said to wait for the Holy Spirit to come before going out to fulfill the great task He gave us. We recognize our need His conviction, His gifts, His fruit, His prayers, His counsel, and His power to be able to take the Good News into our communities and into all the world. Ephesians 5:18 says that we should "be filled" always with His Spirit, putting off our old man and putting on the new, not grieving the Holy Spirit but ministering in His power.

Balanced Up, In, & Out Ministry

          GCF believes that we are called to a relationship with God (Up), a personal maturing in our faith and a pursuit of His plan for our lives (In) as well as a position and place in His body that is actively transforming this world for His Glory and Praise (Out). Each of these ministries is equally important and as we intentionally focus on these three avenues of worship as we grow in our relationship with the Lord, His work and His people.
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